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The worst thing for me is not that we get beaten by the police, but that they treat us like animals. When they arrest us, when they have to touch us or our belongings, they wear plastic gloves. After using them on us they through them into the garbage bins.

We go to the toilette and they arrest us. We go to the beach to wash ourselves or our clothes and they arrest us. We go the farmacy and they arrest us. We go to the hospital and they arrest us. We go to a phone cell to call our family and they arrest us.
Today I went to LIDL to buy food, when suddenly two officers caught me. One of them was holding me while the other was beating my head and my body. Close to us some Greek people were standing and watching, but nobody said anything. Finally I could escape.

We live in construction sites, on the street, in provisorioc nylon shelters in the middle of the jungle, in and under old trains – everywhere. We wait to see what will happen with us. If the police will come and arrest us. If they will deport or only beat some of us. The ones of us who are here now, we have no other choice. That’s how it is. This is our life.

Step by step our problems rose and grew to become a huge wall seperating us from you


The body is running ahead but the impatient heart remains behind, blowing in the wind like a cloth made of silk.

They don’t let us come, they don’t let us stay, they don’t let us go.

We are like globes that roll on the surface of the earth from one country to the other without knowing where we might stop.

We know, that we are a problem for the people here. But we do not know what we can do in order to stop being a problem for them.

I have to go, to move forwards. Every day that I stay in Greece is like one step back in my life.

I don’t know where I want to go. There is not a country in Europe I would prefer. We have turned our backs to our countries because we couldn’t live there, because there is no future for us there. This is why we took the road of the refugee. We just want to find a place to live as human beings one day. Here we find only the law of the jungle.

Life here in Greece is like being left alone in a small dinghy without motor and paddles.

Every day and every night we try to enter one of the lorries to go to Italy. the people here complain about us. They say that we are dirty and they hold their noses when they pass by one of us on the street. But we cannot cross the border with a suit and a tie.

Look at this, these are dangle trousers, underneath I wear another pair. They are for Italia.

I cannot go to greek lessons because I have my job here, you know. I have to wait at the supermarket to collect one Euro coins from the shopping trolleys that people leave behind without getting their money back.

Lets go dangle! Do you come with us? If you want to dangle you have to wait! We will go dangle later when its the right time. I like German tracks, Holland tracks, Norwegian tracks!

Greece no job! What about the new government? They told us that they are going to change the law for refugees?

We have no water, no heat, nothing. We have light from the candles. Do you know the song? Like a candle in the wind! That’s what we are!

Ah!! I know very well what Dublin II is. It is what send me back here from Belgium!

The only thing I want is to arrive to Italy and meet my sister. Our house has been bombed, a humanitarian association took then my little sister. She is somewhere in Italy and she is alright. It’s been two years I haven’t talked to her. When I arrive to Italy I will find here!

They came from Europe to our countries to teach us human rights. Now we are in Europe but it seems like people here have forgotten what they teached us.

Organize your dreams!


...The Schengen Treaty gives some people the possibility of free movement in Europe but for others it makes it more difficult if not impossible to travel... Dangle we call it when we hide underneath a lorry, between the tires – we the unseen of Europe...
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