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my deportation to Turkey

I am from Afghanistan and I am a refugee. I came to Greece in the summer of 2009. Since then I am again in Patras. I have been here before. In the end of 2008 I was caught in Patras by the police. We were many, from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and other countries. Maybe 150 persons. The police brought us all through Greece to Alexandroupoli. There was twice as police in the convoy as refugees. At the border to Turkey they checked our clothes, our mobile phones, papers – everything, for signs proofing that we had been in Greece. When they found Greek labels on our clothes, they gave us others. Nobody should understand we were coming from Greece. It was winter and snow everywhere. When it was dark, they brought us to a river. They put us into boats and threatened us with guns. We were brought to Turkey and left behind there. It was not the first time. Two other times they took 300 and 200 persons from Patras to Turkey. When we arrived on the Turkish side, the Turkish soldiers found us. We told them we really came from Greece. It was not difficult to believe us. The tracks on the snow were only coming from the direction of Greece. After some days in detention I was released and I came back to Greece. Now I am again in Patras and I try every day to leave this country.


...The Schengen Treaty gives some people the possibility of free movement in Europe but for others it makes it more difficult if not impossible to travel... Dangle we call it when we hide underneath a lorry, between the tires – we the unseen of Europe...
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