to the Greek government and the Greek society

We migrants living in Greece are human beings who in our majority have faced severe political and social problems in our home countries. The real reason why we are in Greece is that we are looking for a life in security and with dignity.
Most of us were astonished when recognising the fact that applying for asylum and receiving the pink card does not offer anything to us:
– The authorities do not recognise or respect the pink card-holders as right holders and asylum seekers. In fact they treat them just like all the others.
– Basic rights of asylum seekers such as issuing a working permit or the subscription in IKA, the state health insurance become obstacles.
For these reasons nobody can find a job. Many of us moved to cities such as Patras and Igoumenitsa in order to try and leave the country although we are aware of the dangers. We can end up in prison or even be deported back to Turkey.
Furthermore, the lacking reception facilities and social support force us to try and find food and money. In many cases this wouldn’t be successful so that we end up searching the garbage bins for food.
We demand for:
– The recognition of the Pink Card by authorities
– Assistance in entering the job market or at least to the unemployment welfare by the state
– Shelters for everybody
– Access to free medical and health care
– Assistance in family reunification
– Access to legal status and papers
– Financial aid for free voluntary returns
– No arrests of asylum seekers
– No maltreatment
We will:
– respect the culture and people of Greece
– respect national and legal law
– support the development of this country
If our demands cannot be respected and our rights fulfilled we ask the civil society for the right to leave this country in a secure way.

Some facts about Patras:
At the 26th of January 2010 55 refugees were arrested in the region of the lighthouse and the trains.
At the 27th of February 2010 a refugee from Sudan was badly beaten by the authorities.
The Greek railway company OSE is planning to give the ground to the municipality, which wants to turn it into a parking space. They gave us a period of one month to leave the trains “in peace”.


...The Schengen Treaty gives some people the possibility of free movement in Europe but for others it makes it more difficult if not impossible to travel... Dangle we call it when we hide underneath a lorry, between the tires – we the unseen of Europe...
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